the only real novelty in Aesthetic Medicine

Vibra 3.0 is the result of pioneering studies and years of technical-medical-scientific research in providing the most effective and high-tech solutions for the most widespread and persistent problems in Aesthetic Medicine.

Vibra 3.0 emits selective focal vibrations generated from air through 14 outputs simultaneously treating in an non- invasive way muscular and neuromuscular deficiencies that turns into imperfections difficult to solve.

The first documented scientific work on vibration’s implication in medicine is dated 1949. Thanks to the huge progress in technology, university studies and physician researches the vibrations therapeutic value and its positive effects has been proved.


Vibra 3.0

Vibra 3.0, both used individually or associated to other techniques are highly recommended in the pre and post operative phases also in maintaining the results, accomplishing Doctors and the Aesthetic surgeon’s operations.

Vibra 3.0’s ability to emit variable frequencies and neuromotor “reset action“, is adapt to treat a wide range of situations within the face and body, subject to no restrictions, also zones difficult to treat such as, lower middle third of the face, arms, inner tight and knees.

In addition to its multiple fields of applications, it is safe, without contraindications nor side effects, non invasive, suitable to female, male, enfants and elders.


Excellent results in 40 minutes!

It is possible to use total body sessions simultaneously on the face and body: we economize time and get outstanding results.

The combination of different protocols is scientifically validated and highly appreciated among the clients and operators.
The clients get immediate aesthetic result and a complete and deep relaxing effect.

The beneficial effects are obtained quickly and persist over time. In addition to appropriate physical activity, even minimal, an increase in the effect obtained and a further acceleration of the results can be achieved.

Combinazione con trattamenti dermoestetici e interventi chirurgici

Vibra 3.0 is particularly suitable for the preparation, finalization and maintenance of:

  • treatments that involve the use of hyaluronic acid based injectors, botulinum toxin, biostimulants and restructuring, mesotherapy. In the preparation phase, Vibra 3.0 reactivates the skin tissue by stimulating fibroblastic hypertrophy and subcutaneous tissue, creating the best substrate for the product which is thus better penetrated and provides a more amplified tissue response. The sessions following the injection phase allow a more evident and lasting effect.
  • plastic surgery operations such as blepharoplasty, liposuction, mastoplasty, abdominoplasty, arm / thigh lift or other aggressive surgical techniques where Vibra 3.0 induces a powerful anti-oedematous recovery, remodeling and toning action.


How it works

Vibra 3.0 features “the single-chamber flow modulation“ with Zero Air Leakage (Z.A.L.) technologies Patent pending. The generated vibration are transmitted locally to the skin receptors through special transducers applied on the skin, (fixed by special elastic bands) matching muscles districts or lymphatic are stations in an NON-INVASIVE mode and it is NOT OPERATOR DEPENDENT.

The focal selective vibrations interacts mainly with the mechanoreceptors, Golgi tendon, organs and the neuromuscular spindles, by choosing the adapt frequency to each. Vibra 3.0 allows a selective activation, ables to emit the chosen vibration frequency and the working pressure manually to induce the metabolic and neurophysiological adaptive responses.

The afferent fibres activated by the vibrations brings the exteroceptive information to the medullary nerve circuits (where the first functional interactions takes place), to the sensory motor cortex and to the cerebellum. Thanks to the changes induced, Vibra 3.0 accelerates the neuromotor functional activities.

The cortex, perceives the vibration as the mechanical stimulus of muscle contraction.

The union of voluntary contraction and vibration determines cerebellar activation.


The Treatments

As Vibra 3.0 treatments stimulate the Ia fibres of the neuromuscular spindles, they are capable of inducing a local increase in muscle tone (Tonic Vibratory Reflex) in muscles that have become deficient as a result of the poor physical activity or incorrect eating habits or pre- post-operative immobilization. The treatments stand out for two fundamental post-surgical characteristics: absence of contraindications and high therapeutic efficacy.

Vibra 3.0 is able to induce an improvement in the use of FAST and SLOW muscle fibres, producing increased performance with reduced muscle fatigue to restore shape and the correct volume to muscles, remodelling the face and body in a safe and non-invasive manner. Vibra 3.0 is effective in the treatment of skin imperfections such as PEFS and orange-peel effect, and as metabolis bio- booster for the weight loose.



The wide range of protocols available have been developed in collaboration with Vibra 3.0 experts and users to each problem a targeted solution, starting from the known scientific base and the experience gained over the years.
The accessories were studied and designed to make the applications as specific as possible adapting to the needs of both the operator and the patient during treatment.
The marketing support is divided into different opportunities according to the needs.